Apr 3, 2012

Citadel Arcanes - Final version

Mix, connect, and construct your very own Citadel in Citadel Arcanes! Save your father by restoring the the Healer’s Circle! As the Duke’s daughter, you are learning the Arcanes of Magic and working on becoming the greated architect in the kingdom. After your father contracts a mysterious illness, it’s up to you to use your Match 3 talents to restore the Healer’s Circle in Citadel Arcanes!
Professional games designers using the latest technologies are now generating unequaled Mac games, like Citadel Arcanes. Using Match 3 you not just completing levels but  rebuilding the most beautiful castle in the kingdom - Healer's Citadel! We can say that Citadel Arcanes with its stylish encirclement of scrumptious implicit kingdom, its stylish soundtrack and pictures is one of the most awesome games, you have ever played. Match 3 is very detailed and looks almost like 3D. As for the gameplay, Citadel Arcanes is stylish and easy. Even the most demanding gamers will have fun with Citadel Arcanes Mac game. Save your father from grave illness! We can boldly say that the new Mac game Citadel Arcanes is a real Mac games masterpiece! 
Exciting Citadel Arcanes game is free download Match 3 for PC. You can download and install Citadel Arcanes game for free and it'll take a few minutes if you use fast Cable/ADSL connection. Installed game available for free playing during 1 hour trial period and then you can uninstall it or buy full unlimited version of Citadel Arcanes. We guarantee that Citadel Arcanes is quality tested and have no spyware, adware, viruses and ads.
System requirements:
HDD: 71 MB
RAM: 1024 MB
Mac OS: 10.7/10.6/10.5