Apr 15, 2015

Punished Talents 2: Stolen Awards (FINAL) 267.34 MB

Punished Talents 2: Stolen Awards (FINAL) 267.34 MB. Take a role of famous master of ceremonies, selected to host Pride of Humanity Awards in Punished Talents 2: Stolen Awards PC Game!

This year ceremony will be provided at Royal Castle, four candidates who made the greatest discoveries.

And when you almost finished preparation to the ceremony, someone tried to poison Dr. Hopkins, one of the four candidates for the price. His wife Riley Hopkins suspect that poisoner was Dr. Lana Jones, other candidate and Dr. Hopkins ex-wife. Moreover, the road is blocked after the lightning strike, so phone is dead and no one can get here to help us anytime soon. Can you save Dr. Hopkins’ life and find out, who tried to kill him? Download sequel of the Punished Talents game and prove that master of ceremonies can master anything in this scientific Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • Gather every morphing object in game!
  • Bonus chapter with new secret!
  • Reach all achievements!
  • Detailed Strategy Guide


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Title Post: Punished Talents 2: Stolen Awards (FINAL) 267.34 MB
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