Nov 8, 2013

Grim Legends: The Abyss (FINAL) 369.87 MB

Grim Legends: The Abyss (FINAL) 369.87 MB. Save your twin sister Lilly from the claws of a giant bear in Grim Legends: The Abyss PC Game! Twenty five years ago your father abandoned the girl and broke her heart, so she cursed him and all his kin. Today your twin sister Lilly was going to marry young Edward Haugwithz, but right before the wedding giant bear came from the woods, wounded your father and kidnapped Lilly! Download Grim Legends: The Abyss game, cooperate with Edward to find and save your twin sister. But remember: nothing is what it seems in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Game!


Title Post: Grim Legends: The Abyss (FINAL) 369.87 MB
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