Jan 16, 2015

Dark Romance 2: Heart of the Beast (FINAL) 462.17 MB

Dark Romance 2: Heart of the Beast (FINAL) 462.17 MB. Help Beatrice to save her dying father and find true love in Dark Romance 2: Heart of the Beast PC Game!

Beatrice’s father is incurably ill, only one thing in the world can save him. It’s The Rose of Life, and it can be found in the faraway kingdom. But when Beatrice arrived there, she found out that ruler of the kingdom not long ago was betrayed by the witch named Claudine! Claudine demanded The Rose for herself, willing to get immortality and beauty. When ruler of the kingdom refused her offer, she turned him into the beast and put in cage, his subjects were turned into animals. Use magical frame to see their true form, cast the Spell of the True Path to enter the enchanted castle and return everyone to the human shape!

Download Dark Romance Chapter II: Heart of the Beast Game for PC for free and remember – ruler of the kingdom is a handsome guy in his human form in this fairytale Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • Gather all portraits, including Jackson, Nathan and even Claudine!
  • Find all hidden collectibles and magic objects!
  • Use the Strategy Guide!
  • Reach every achievement in game!


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