Jun 4, 2013

Moai: Build Your Dream (FINAL) 69.73 MB

Moai: Build Your Dream (FINAL) 69.73 MB. Save Tapa-Thui tribe in Moai: Build Your Dream game! Your hero tried to cross the ocean in a hot-air balloon, but near the middle of his journey, his balloon hit the water near a small, uncharted island. Members of the Tapa-Thui tribe found him. Years ago, crops on the island had stopped growing and to appease the gods, the people had cut down their trees to build giant statues, leaving the island barren. Download this Time Management Game for PC, restore the glory of the past and usher in a bright, new future, and the chief will help you to return home.


Title Post: Moai: Build Your Dream (FINAL) 69.73 MB
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