Jul 4, 2014

Grim Façade 5: The Artist and The Pretender (FINAL) 290.13 MB

Grim Façade 5: The Artist and The Pretender (FINAL) 290.13 MB. Step into the shoes of Leonardo da Vinci in Grim Facade 5: The Artist and The Pretender PC Game! Florence is in grave danger in this historical Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure - evil pretender, false mage scared locals with his prophecies about curse that will destroy Florence if locals won’t obey to him! Even Leonardo’s apprentice Lisa betrayed her master and stolen his prints, giving them to impostor! False mage using Leonardo’s inventions to use mirrors to appear to fly, control fire, constructing wings and moving rapidly underwater to force everyone believe that he has magical powers! He’s planning to destroy all works of art and science to prevent further thinking or creating, to control whole Europe! Download Grim Facade 5 and stop this vile pretender with the help of Leonardo da Vinci himself!
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
  • Bonus chapter, telling about origins of the impostor
  • Teaser of the new grim story!
  • Concept arts with Leonardo’s inventions


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Title Post: Grim Façade 5: The Artist and The Pretender (FINAL) 290.13 MB
Rating: 96% based on 114, ratings 4.8 user reviews.
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