Jul 15, 2015

Fear for Sale 7: City of the Past (FINAL) 349.79 MB

 Fear for Sale 7: City of the Past (FINAL) 349.79 MB. Travel to the Eastwood to write new story for Fear for Sale magazine about a sculptures coming to life and harassing local people in Fear for Sale 7: City of the Past PC Game!

Your heroine Emma Roberts received a message from her boss, Steven Parker with information about dramatic events in Eastwood. When Emma restored map of Eastwood and came there, she found out that message was true – statues and sculptures in Eastwood are dangerous! Find new friends there, trying to get to the bottoms of things, including Christine, who had lost her memory. Help Christine to discover her past and find every Beyond object you need!

Download seventh installment of Fear for Sale series from EleFun Games, help Emma Roberts to find the evidence proving the guilt of the culprit and restore peace in Eastwood in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • Use the Strategy Guide!
  • Bonus chapter is waiting!
  • Start from Cub Reporter and gain ranks for founded special items for your collections!
  • Gain such Achievements as Seer, Gumshoe and #1 Fan!


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Title Post: Fear for Sale 7: City of the Past (FINAL) 349.79 MB
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